If you are an upcoming female solo musician, you should make sure that you have a functional website. Having a website is an excellent way to solidify your presence and let people know what you are capable of doing and the kind of music you play. The elements that must never miss on your website are as follows.

“About Me” Page

Introduce yourself to the world. Get creative and unlimited. Let them feel your personality by how you describe yourself. You should be genuine and raw. Do not let inhibitions hold you back. Of course, you should be professional, but do not sell yourself short. Get creative and tell your story. Make the page short, but have all the details to make people want to know you better and even listen to your music.

Samples of Music

There is no other way of convincing people that you are a musician if you do not have music on your website. People are coming to check out your site because they want to know the kind of music you perform and how you sing. Have samples of your music, and if possible, make a video so that they can see you sing and play. To prevent your website from being too slow or crashing altogether, you should compress the video so that it is easily accessible.

Contact Details

If people want to reach you and engage with you further, you should have your contact details on the website so that they are not left hanging after listening to your work. Remember that the essence of having a website is to create business opportunities and make it easier for things such as record deals and partnerships that increase your visibility. There should also be a section that tells people where to find the latest recordings that you have done, and some of the past performances that you may have been involved in but are not on the site.

Upcoming Events

If you have an upcoming event, such as a performance, use your website for marketing it. Let people listen to your samples, and let them know that they can catch you live in the event that you will be performing at. For you to have continuing updates, it means that you will have to take up regular performances. If you do not see any upcoming event, you can host your own solo show and use it to market yourself. You can link external pages if your event is being promoted on another page, but do not put too many links.

Social Media Links

Social media plays a massive role in the career path of a solo singer. You need a large following to listen to and appreciate your music so that you can start getting endorsements and keep growing your brand. Set up social media pages such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and start posting regularly. The two will feed each other. You will get more followers from your website going to your social networks, and your social networks will also link new people to come to your site.